Blogging: Not As Easy As It Looks

Blogging continues to grow as an industry. As an industry grows, it draws more willing participants. Blogging is no longer a silly hobby that you would partake in while living in your parent’s basement. It is a profession in itself, as respected as a writer who works in traditional media.

But with a thriving industry comes the concern: is blogging a saturated industry? Is it too competitive? Should I even bother?

Neil Patel asks this question in the above video. You’ll have to see the video to hear his opinion - but he does make the point that the industry has changed. Gone are the days when anyone could expect their blog to be read. 

The great thing about the digital revolution is that everyone can be a content creator. The worst thing about the digital revolution is that everyone can be a content creator.

You have got to learn how to differentiate yourself from other bloggers. We won’t tell you what makes you different. And we suggest listening to Neil’s tips in the above video.

But we will leave you with three questions to ask yourself before you establish yourself as a blogger:

1. What is your area of expertise?

Are you really an expert if you spew the same opinions as others? If you write about a popular subject (politics, entertainment, business) can you offer a different perspective than your competitors?

Do you have expertise in a niche field? 

Think for a moment if there are any content creators you follow - be they writers, podcasters, video creators - who create content around a niche subject.

For example, there are now several content sites that focus on being a digital nomad - and it will not stop! But how many content sites are like Nomad Capitalist which teach you how to apply for different citizenships, how to incorporate your business offshore, and how to diversify your life to increase your freedom?

And what about the YouTube Channels Bosnianbill and LockPickingLawyer which both focus on how to break locks and how to determine which ones are the most secure and the least secure?

Write down a list of 5-10 unique topics that you are an expert in. Which of these do you feel you can blog about? Can you write long-form detailed blog posts about the topics? 

Are any of these topics marketable? (more on this in question 3)

2. What is your writing style?

Different writing styles are tailored to different subjects.

If a reader is looking for a serious discussion on a contentious issue or advice on a complex subject, can you adhere to this style?

If a reader needs to be entertained when reading about a contentious issue, can you adhere to this style? Can you write in a storytelling format? Can you incorporate humor?

There are political blogs that feature a serious discussion about politics. There are also satirical political blogs that are filled with sardonic humor.

Can you write to one person? Many readers like the feeling that they are being spoken to directly? Imagine if you attended a reading by one of your favorite authors and you were the only guest in the room. That is how many readers like to feel when writing a blog post.

Going back to your elementary school days, you would have learned how to write persuasive essays. Have you kept up with that?

Reflect on what your writing style is. Are you great at writing about serious discussions? Can you be entertaining? Do you know how to talk to one person? The way you write is as appealing as the content itself.

3. Will you get paid for this?

This was alluded to at the end of the first question.

This blog is not called Lucrative Words for no reason!

As passionate as you may be in the origins of impossibly long words like Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis and Floccinaucinihilipilification, is there a market for a blog which discusses such a subject?

(You’ll have to do your own research on that one.)

You want to ensure that you do not waste your time or others.

Look back at the topics you listed and research the market for these topics. Be honest and filter out any topics which are unlikely now or in the future to have a scalable audience. Filter out the topics for which there is no market. 

You are a working writer; you can work on your hobby in your spare time.

Till then, we will leave you with this fantastic tutorial from Income School on how to earn a full-time income through blogging.

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